Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 19:04 UTC(+00:00)
Players - Players On Loan

Loaning Players

Loaning players are useful when you want to improve the strength of your squad for a season without spending a huge amount of money for purchasing him, or to save on wages (and still not lose out on experience gains for not playing as explained later) when you feel that a player is not important in your first team plans for the season. You can loan in two players and send out two players on loan per season, but only one loan deal can be made between the same teams. Which means that if you send one of your players on loan to another club, you cannot loan back a player from the same team in the same season.

You can list a player for loan in the transfer market via the player details page. Any teams who wish to loan that player can then bid on the player from the transfer market by offering a signing fee. The minimum signing fee for loaning a player is 2% of his value or 5% above the current highest bid. The deadline is set as 12 hours from the time of the first bid, and each new bid will extend it to 8 hours from the time of the most recent bid.

You can always withdraw a player from the transfer list until somebody decides to bid on him. Once a player goes on loan, the team who loaned the player can send him back if he wishes so after two-thirds of the season. The player will automatically return to his own club at the end of the season, or if the manager of the team that loaned the player resigns from that club.

You can list your players for loan anytime before one-thirds of the season is over. Listing players for loan and placing loan bids will not be allowed by the system after one-thirds of the season is over. However the bidding process will continue as usual if there were bids placed on them before this deadline. All players listed for loan will be automatically removed from the transfer market after one-thirds of the season if there are no pending bids on that player. Players who have already announced their retirements cannot be loaned out.

Training of Loaned Players

The training of players on loan at another club will still be controlled by his own club's manager. The player will be listed only in the training page of his own club, where the manager can set up the attribute on which to train and decide whether to put him on rest for a training session. The training efficiency will continue to be determined by his own team's training centre and coaches.

Experience Gains of Loaned Players

The players who are on loan gain experience based on the matches of their OWN club, regardless of whether he gets playing time at his current club. In every match of his own team (both regular and custom matches), they gain experience equal to 75% of the average total experience gained by players of their own team who played in that match. Even if the player returns from loan, he will continue to gain experience the same way as if he was still at his loaned club until the end of the season.

Sale of Loaned Players

You can list a player for sale on the transfer market even if he is currently playing at another club on loan. However if any team buys him, the player will be transferred to his new team only after he returns from loan, and will continue to play at his current team until the end of the season or he is sent back to his own club.

Releasing Players on Loan

Players who are currently at another club cannot be released by his own team.