Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 18:13 UTC(+00:00)
Competitions - Match Revenue

Matches are a regular way of getting income in the game. There are various revenue sources during matches that you can earn money as described below. You keep all the revenue from your home matches, whereas revenue from matches played in neutral venues are shared equally by both teams.

Ticket Revenue

Fans pay a certain amount of money to buy tickets to watch your match. The price of each ticket vary based on the competition that you are playing in. League level competition (like league, league cup, play-offs etc.) tickets are priced at $40, National level competitions charge $60 and Global competitions (Champions Cup, Super Cup etc.) sell for $80 per ticket.

The total ticket revenue for a match will be ticket price multiplied by the match attendance.

Merchandise Revenue

People who attend matches are also likely to buy team merchandise from the fan shop in the stadium. The level of the fanshop in the stadium determines how much profit you can make per sales. It can go up to $20 per person at the maximum fanshop level. Usually the number of people who buy merchandise varies from 60% to 80% of the total attendance.

Advertising Revenue

A stadium requires a Media Office to get advertisers for matches played in it. The amount of advertising money that can be earned depends on the ratings of the teams playing in the match and the level of the Media Office. If all factors are at maximum, you can get upto $ 3 million per match from advertising.

TV Revenue

Having a high level Media Office in the stadium can facilitate live coverage of matches on TV, thereby giving you extra income. The ratings of the teams and the importance of the competition and the match will also determine if the match will be telecast on TV, and how much revenue will be earned from that. You can get upto $ 5 million per match from TV coverage if all factors are at the maximum possible.

Sponsor Win Bonus

If you have a Win Bonus clause in your sponsorship contract, that is also a good source of revenue from every match. You get the full amount for each win, and half the amount in case of a draw.

Custom Matches

You can only get ticket revenue from custom matches and the tickets are priced at $25. All custom matches are played at a neutral venue with maximum 10,000 capacity and the revenue is shared between the teams equally.