Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 09:27 UTC(+00:00)
Teams - Taking Charge

You need to take charge of a team to take part in various competitions. You can do so from the appropriate link in your manager dashboard. You will be asked to choose which Country you want to play in and will be shown details of the leagues and active teams in each available country. Once you do that, you will assigned a random team from the country you selected, from the top most division where teams are available.

Starting Squad

Once you take charge of a team, you will be assigned a squad of 21 players. You can decide which ones you want to keep, sell/release others and buy new players as required from the transfer market. You can also loan players from other teams for a season if you do not have enough finances to buy your own player.

Squad Restrictions

There should be a minimum of 18 players in every team and the maximum allowed squad size is 30. You will not be allowed to sell/release any more players if your squad size reaches the minimum limit, and also not allowed to buy players once your squad size is at it's maximum.

Player Transfer Restrictions

You cannot involve in the transfer market until 7 days after you take charge of a team. This is to prevent abuse of the transfer market, and also to protect new users from spending their bank balance for buying players before properly assessing their finances and getting into financial trouble. You will also not be allowed to release players from your club during this initial 7 day period.

Every season, you will be allowed to buy 4 players and loan in 2 players from the transfer market. You can also sell any number of players, and also loan out 2 players every season. However, only one transfer deal (buy or sell) and one loan deal (in or out) will be possible between any two teams in a season.

Resigning From A Team

You will be allowed to resign from your current team after 28 days of taking charge. A "Resign From Club" button will be available on your My Profile page after the initial 28 days. Please be warned that if you resign from a team and take charge of a new club, you will be starting all over again, building a team from scratch. However all your manager ratings, competition points, history etc. are linked to your user profile and will still be in tact.