Season 26 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2023 Jun 06, 05:28 UTC(+00:00)

Changes For Season 22

Published at 2022-12-03 07:22
These are the updates planned for the next season. Please feel free to discuss in this forum thread

Youth Academy

The youth generation system will receive a major update starting from next season. It works like this after the update:
1. Youth players will be generated at the start of every season
2. The number of youth players produced and their age will depend on your Youth Academy level.
- At Level 1, you will receive one youth player with age 19.
- At Levels 2, 3 and 4, you receive one youth player but one year younger with each level. Which means, level 2 will give you an 18 year old, level 3 will give a 17 year old. At Level 4, you are guaranteed to get a 16 year old player at the start of every season.
- At Levels 5 to 8, you will get 2 players every season. One player is guaranteed to be 16 years old, the second player will be 19 at level 5, 18 at level 6, and 17 at level 7. At Level 8, you get two 16 year olds.
- Similarly, at levels 9 to 12 you receive 3 players. Two of them will be 16 yrs old, and third player will be 19 at level 9, 18 at level 10, and 17 at level 11. At Level 12, you get three 16 year players.
3. The position of the youth players generated will be completely random. However if you receive more than one youth player, each one will have a different position.
4. Even if you receive more than one player every season, you are only allowed to promote one player for free. For promoting a second player, you will have to pay 50% of his value, and for the third player 100% of his value as promotion cost.
5. All youth players generated will stay in your academy until the end of the season, and you can promote them anytime during the season.
6. When the first level of the youth academy is completed, you receive a 19 year old youth player immediately. And you will continue to receive youth players at the start of every season normally after that.

Player Nationality

We will allow changes to player nationalities as we have received a lot of requests from our users to allow this. However this feature is temporary, and we might change how it works in future once we introduce national teams and competitions. So this is how it will work for the time being:

1. You will be allowed to choose a Nationality for your Youth Academy. One of the youth players generated every season will be of this selected Nationality, and the nationality of the rest of the generated youths will be random. Using this feature will be free (no coins or Plus membership needed)
2. You can change a player's Nationality from his Player Profile page (same as you would update his name or squad number). However you can only update nationalities of players that are owned by your team. Nationalities of youth players can be updated only after they are promoted. Changing Nationality of a player however will require the use of coins (but it will be free for the time being until we fix the names database for all countries).

Automatic Filling of Custom Matches and Tournaments

If no teams have joined a friendly match created by you until the start of the round where the friendly match is scheduled for, the match will not get cancelled and a random bot team will join the match. This feature will be available for F4Football Plus members only and the user needs to be an F4Football Plus member at the start of the round where the match is scheduled.

In case of tournaments, bot teams will join to fill the tournament to make the number of teams the nearest of 4, 8, 16 or 32. If the tournament is "By Approval" only and has pending requests from teams to join, those requests will be automatically approved before bots join the tournament. This feature will be available for all tournaments regardless of whether the creator of the tournament is an F4Football Plus member or not at start of the round when the tournament is scheduled to begin.

Player Comparisons

Not a big feature, but can come in handy for quick comparison between the skills of two players. This will make it easier for you to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This feature will be available only for F4Football Plus members.