Season 32 Round 35 / 60
Game Time 2023 Dec 07, 03:40 UTC(+00:00)
How Often?
2023-06-14 17:56
How often do you log in to this game?
I'm kinda addicted, lol, maybe 3 or 4 times a day. Checking on training etc
2023-06-14 18:18
5-6 times a day. Even more early in the season.
To check training, setup match tactics, check transfer market, staff etc.

You actually need to login just twice a day once every round. You can save one lineup for all your friendlies and one for your regular matches. For plus members, soon they are going to allow having lineup saved for matches in advance so you will require to login even less often.

But like you said, I am addicted a bit too so gets in every now and then
2023-06-14 18:23 Edited by Trevor at 2023-06-14 18:24
I just like to keep an eye on my players/team lol, especially the training. My team has a long way to go but I want to do the right thing for them lol
2023-06-15 00:37
Iā€™m on here more often than Iā€™d care to admit šŸ˜…
Engin Demir
2023-08-20 13:23
7-8 times a day, but I don't stay much. What I do is routine:

1. Facility upgrades is my opening page for the game, so I don't miss out and can quickly start another upgrade if the previous one is finished.

2. I log in 5-10 minutes before the Rounds, open the training page, and leave it open. After 5 minutes, I open another training tab. Now I can quickly check with players improved just by switching back and forth between the pages. That's just for fun really.

3. I check AFTER every friendly match for injuries and adjust my tactics if necessary.

4. I've created a complex Google Sheets to analyze the performance and training of my players. I record a few important information on Round 0(preseason), Round 30, and Round 60 (which is different than Round 0)

Step 1, 2 and 3 takes about 1 minute total if everything is set. A few more minutes if there's an injury but that's rare.

Step 4 takes a lot of time. I enjoy projecting my players' future and seeing how terribly wrong my predictions were šŸ˜‚