Season 32 Round 35 / 60
Game Time 2023 Dec 07, 01:01 UTC(+00:00)
Discussion: Should XP gain depend on XP or talent (rating)?
Engin Demir
2023-07-20 22:50 Edited by Engin Demir at 2023-07-20 22:52
This question came to me while I was doing something totally unrelated to this game but hear me out:

Let's imagine our team will be playing against those 3 utopic teams.

Utopia 1 (Rating 20): All players have 80 XP and all their attributes are 20. So all of their players have a 20 rating.

Utopia 2 (Rating 50): All players have 50 XP and 50 attributes. Naturally, their ratings are 50.

Utopia 3 (Rating 50): All players have 20 XP and 80 Attributes. So their rating is 50.

When I picture myself playing against those 3 clubs, my logic tells me that I would gain more from U2 and U3 and not so much from U1. Because, no matter how experienced you are, it doesn't mean much if you don't have the talent.

In the current game system, however, players gain a lot more XP playing against U1, even tho it would only have a 20 rating.

I realize the Rating system has been altered recently, and it makes total sense to me. So that encouraged me to expect a similar change to the XP gain system.

This is a discussion rather than a suggestion. What do you think?
2023-07-21 00:12
Having your XP gain determined by your opposition at all is a problem in my view - creates advantages between leagues, emphasises gaps between divisions.

At the moment if you know you're more than likely to get beaten it's in your interests to put up an inexperienced team to maximise your XP gain but this means your opposition get less XP as a result - through no fault of their own.

Same with fitness, chance of injury - all impacted by the other teams choices as much as your own.

With your specific choices I agree the final rating is more logical than purely XP. You really don't see teams like Utopia 1 - there used to be less exaggerated teams like that before the rating system changed, but back then the rating of Utopia 1 would have been higher than now - which was why those sorts of teams existed.

I'd personally keep it based on XP, but make it only based on your own XP like Friendly matches
2023-07-23 08:09
Michael wrote :
Having your XP gain determined by your opposition at all is a problem in my view - creates advantages between leagues, emphasises gaps between divisions.

I totally agree with that. The importance of XP in this game is something I really like, but -in my opinion- the downsides of the XP gain system have some consequences that make the game illogical, too hard for beginners, and, in the long run, unable to constantly grow in number of users.
Just look at the market: with the current system, if you want a competitive team, you can have a very limited number of young players in development. That's OK, in fact it can be quite realistic, but the consequence of it isthat there's a huge amount of players we can never use or develop, and as everyone else is in the same situation, the offer/demand proportion is absurd.
Engin Demir
2023-07-26 11:04
Thanks for the additional input.

"Playing against a 50-rating team is more challenging than a 20-rating team. The higher challenge should yield higher experience."

Does anyone disagree with that statement?