Season 38 Round 1 / 60
Game Time 2024 May 30, 01:06 UTC(+00:00)
Season 35 Kit Launches!
Nick Romero
2023-08-13 02:04
Bringing this back in case anyone else wants to share! Hope people can populate this over the course of the season.
Nick Romero
2023-08-13 02:13
Wonder Peppers is proud to finally announce the release of their shirts for Season 29!

Initially inspired by a graphic announcing Marek Hamšík (shirt featured below), the Wonder Peppers home shirt is a return to our more traditional light blue, with silhouettes of the pepper plant on the badge found on the front, back, and sleeves. To contrast this, the detailing on the sleeves, collar, Adidas logo, number, and name on the back, as well as the sponsor on the front, are all in, again, a more traditional orange color. The fiery orange is meant to represent the club blazing a path up the table and into the future.

The WPFC Away shirt for Season 29 features a splash of color, specifically, yellow! This is to mark a special and unique team, the level of which we have not seen before in the same way that this color is not one we have seen before on a WPFC shirt. The yellow and blue in tandem are reminiscent of the sun and rain, in either of which our boys will play, and also the conditions for good vegetable growing. The yellow also is the same as on the crowns featured on the standard Wonder Peppers badge, also indicating that this is, hopefully, the start of a royal-esque dynasty and golden age at the club. (The addition of the crowns was inspired by the crowns in a previous iteration of the badge, which had them on top of 3 peppers forming a cartoon shield that double as their stems.) On this shirt, the three crowns, representing green, orange, and red peppers, can be seen on the back of the collar. Finally, there is the US D1 badge on the left sleeve.

The third shirt in S29 for the Peppers is simple and elegant, monochrome but sporting a spiffy collar – perfect for our big entrance in continental competition. And what better color to announce our entrance than a dark red, scarlet/maroon number? After all, this is the color of red carpets, velvet ropes, and theater curtains. A bit of drama as we begin our maiden voyage in the Challenger Trophy. As such, the shirt also has on its sleeve the Challengers Trophy logo (that I designed).
Loko Rodrigues
2023-08-14 02:04
They were very beautiful, especially the third shirt.
Nick Romero
2023-09-10 17:02
Here we go again:

Season 30 marks the return of our home shirt to softer, classic colors, with a more orange-yellow featured on the collar, sleeve trim, and the gradient on the bottom. The topographic map design serves many purposes: it provides some texture as well as representing the hilly terrain around our home ground as well as the notion that we are always climbing higher and elevating ourselves. The gradient is also meant to envoke a sunrise, which refers to the new beginnings for the club and game as a whole, while also building tradition: the kit generally is evocative of our Season 27 home shirt from our first season in the top flight. This all is in time for the 30th season anniversary of F4Football, which we are also commemorating with a special badge seen on the right sleeve. The badge in question has a simplified version of the wordmark, with some of the letters replaced with a “30” in gold, as well as a blown-up model of the trophy logo, also with a golden “30” in the middle.

The away kit for this season features a strong orange theme. The base is white, with orange detailing for the back text, badge, sponsor, Adidas logo, collar, and sleeve detailing. Also featured is a series of yellow/peach/orange stripes, which also evoke images of clouds during sunrise and golden hour. The back also features an enlarged version. The sleeves also feature the USA Division 1 logo and the aforementioned 30th-season anniversary badge.

The third shirt this season is a departure from any of our previous works as we try and showcase our unique identity in the football sphere. Inspired by the local abstract art scene as well as the punk scene of past decades, the almost-black dark blue with the bright lavender purple is meant to make us stand out in our Challenger Trophy games in the new season. It also features the 30th-season anniversary badge on the right sleeve and the Challenger Trophy logo on the left.
Nick Romero
2023-10-17 12:34 Edited by Nick Romero at 2023-10-17 12:38
Wonder Peppers's Season 31 shirts incoming...

The home kit for this season sees us sport a geometric, two-tone light blue shirt. The pattern itself is reminiscent of the idea of perpetual motion, never being at rest. It also resembles the patterns of snow and ice crystals that cover our stadium every year. The shirt is complete with our classic light orange trim on the collar, sleeves, Adidas logo, sponsor wordmark, and back text. The USA Division 1 badge is on the left sleeve. Finally, to mark the 5th season anniversary of our club’s existence, we have added the Roman numerals of our first and current season (XXVI•XXXI) under the badge, also in orange. Slight inspiration taken from Bayer Leverkusen 22/23 away kit.

The idea for our away stripe this season came originally from ideas that we should have a dark-mode type version of our home kit. That didn’t quite work, but it did inspire this lovely navy-teal combo. There is a bit of a gradient on the sleeves and hem, that both represent the bottom of the rivers, lakes, and the Sound in our state, but also the night sky after dusk. The pattern on the sleeves is there for contrast and texture, but also to similarly represent either bubbles or stars. The 5th season anniversary text is also present underneath a monochrome badge.

Slightly inspired by the muted coral/orange on one of our previous home shirts, as well as the fishing and wildlife industries from the state, this number is simple, yet distinctive and classy. It features white pinstripes down the body of the shirt to emphasize the two color look. Once again, the 5th season anniversary numerals are present. Perfect to wear casually, at any of our cup competitions, or on a night out.
Nick Romero
2023-11-28 08:49
Better late than never (due to some processing issues)... the Wonder Peppers shirts for season 32 are now available!

The home kit is a nod to our first ever home shirt back in Season 26, with its iconic double stripe down the middle. We have taken the double stripe, moved it to the side and through the badge, and really made the colors pop. We have also used a more futuristic font. All of this represents our desire more than ever to protect and works towards a better future for our club and fans.

The away number uses a surprisingly underutilized color scheme, sporting a bold, two-tone orange colorway with charcoal colored details. It represents the sun, an absolutely essential piece of life for growing peppers, and the fire that burns bright within players and fans alike.

The third kit for continental competitions is the sleekest of the three, with a purple theme adorned with metallic sand-colored finishing. The purple colors represent grapes, a key element on the Connecticut flag, as well as wine and the historic Connecticut Wine Trail. The sand is a call towards our beaches and farms as well as adding a touch of elegance to the already classy number. It also sports the Challengers Trophy logo on the sleeve, a competition in which we are more than happy to be back and competing once again. We also want to highlight the Webster Bank sponsor, a local bank that has helped us and thousands of nearby citizens achieve their goals.

Thanks for your patience!
2023-11-28 10:34


2023-11-30 06:47
Nice work Nick and Uchiha 👌🏼
Nick Romero
2023-12-20 04:52 Edited by Nick Romero at 2023-12-20 05:04
You know what time it is...

Our home shirt combines old and new, with a mostly same, mostly two-tone color scheme configured in multiple, broad, full shirt stripes for the first time. The orange stripes go all the way around the shirt, tapering at the top. The design of the stripes themselves is a nod to Connecticut’s sailing tradition, with the pattern spelling out “W, P, F, C” in international maritime signal flags turned orange. The left sleeve sports a special US Division 1 badge to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the US leagues.

Our away stripe goes heavy on the green, being one of the key colors that represents our state. It also represents, nature, specifically the forests around our home ground. The darker green draws your eyes from the outside to the inside, where the sand details come to life. The pattern on the front and back invoke native wildlife of the area, it resembles ancient armor, showing we are seeking to have a strong defense and a strong football culture in the players and fans. It also invokes the art-deco style that exists on many of the buildings and other well-known pieces of architecture throughout the state.

We’ve gone blackout for our third kit… almost. The stark black, showing the steely resolve of our players is adorned with club crest, Adidas badge, sponsor, and numberings of a purple-orange gradient, reminiscent of the sky at sunrise. We have recovered and recovered from past seasons to arrive in the Super Cup this season, and the start of a new adventure. We have survived the darkest hours before and finally reached the dawn.

Good luck everyone in this upcoming season.
2024-01-15 18:04
What software is used to create these designs?
2024-01-16 04:01
Nice kits!
Nick Romero
2024-01-21 09:21 Edited by Nick Romero at 2024-01-21 09:22
Back again.

Our home shirt continues to tread outside the traditional, while utilizing our standard colors to the max in exciting new ways. All three shirts this season feature a gradient, with the home outfit sporting a main cooler light blue color that fades into a blazing orange. The reverse appears on the sleeves, which sport a zig-zag pattern emblematic of sloped New England roofs. These fade into the same blue color.

We’ve flipped a commonly used color combo to create this icy away kit. The light-blue to-white gradient resembles the snow and ice of New England winters. The badge, Adidas and sponsor logos, and the nameset are all a cool sky blue overlaid on a field of white. The kit also features a special USA Division 1 logo for the first time, sanctioned by the league. It, too, is blue to match the colorway.

Continuing a tradition of red/pink third kits, yet shining boldly and brightly. Our third shirt this season is a direct contrast to our away stripe, providing the “fire” to pair with the “ice.” This number is a red-orange to orange gradient, a bit like a ripening mango. It sports the Super Cup logo on the sleeve as we take on our second season in the competition.
Nick Romero
2024-02-23 19:21
Back for Season 35!

This new home number for our tenth (sorta) season is a large departure from our old kits, yet still pays homage to our past. We retain the similar light blue and orange colors, but adding in a dark blue on the bottom in a gradient, marine blue wavy lines, and a hint of yellow-orange on the sleeves. The waves and fade from light to dark blue are symbolic of the Long Island Sound and the state’s naval history. Particularly, the development of early submarines, and later, the first nuclear submarine launch. The orangish sleeves contrast with the blue, keeping our original colors, but also represent our bright future and our friends, the Connecticut Sun.

The away jersey is a simple blue and green number that illustrates one thing: we are Connecticut’s team. With the color scheme harkening back to the Whalers as well as the Yard Goats more recently, the color scheme is quintessential Connecticut. It also mixes traditional with new design elements, taking the classic pinstripes and making them the neon green color of the future. Finally, the number set are inspired by that of the home kit.

The third kit is another special one, as it marks our first ever season playing in the Champions Cup! And what better celebration than the bright sounds, sights, and smells of the Lunar New Year? This number uses a red and sand color scheme, emulating lanterns, traditional wall decor, dragons, and red packets. For the first time, the shirt features the pepper itself on the shirt. The red also continues our tradition of having red or purple third kits. A touch of class as we are coming up on our 10 season anniversary with a bang.