Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 17:29 UTC(+00:00)
Finances - Sponsors

Signing a sponsorship deal is very important to generate a good revenue stream for your club. You can tie up with a sponsor every season. So make sure you do it early in the season to make full use of the money available to you. Sponsors can be accessed via your clubs's Finances page.

Types of Sponsor Revenue

Sponsors give you money in various forms - some money upfront, a fixed amount per round, a win bonus and a performance bonus based on your achievements in the season. The amounts promised are different for different sponsors, you have to plan how you expect to progress in the season, and choose your sponsor wisely.

Per Round and Win Bonus

The amount your sponsor gives you every round is automatically added to your bank balance. Earning the win bonus depends on the outcome of your matches, as the name suggests. You get half the win bonus amount in case you manage to draw a match.

Season Expectations

You need to reveal your season's expectations for a sponsor to offer you a deal. It is basically the position you expect to finish in your league competition. The sponsors give you a percentage of the total amount upfront and the remaining once you have met your expectations. The higher your expectations, the better the deals you can get. But be careful, you forfeit the final amount if you fail to meet your expectation. So if you are not completely sure about achieving it, it is better to go with a sponsor who gives you more money upfront.

Additional Goals

These are secondary achievements that your sponsor pays you for. Similar to season's expectations, you have to decide which achievement you are likely to meet and the sponsors will offer you deals accordingly. Again, if you are unsure about achieving it, take more money upfront so that you don't lose out on much money for not achieving.


The upfront money promised by a sponsor is added to your bank balance immediately after you sign the contract with them. Payment based on your season expectations and additional goals will be done in the final round of every season, provided you have achieved those expectations.