Season 24 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2023 Mar 31, 05:41 UTC(+00:00)
Tactics - In Game Changes

Sometimes, you might need to make a change in your tactics, or substitute a player based on the current situation of the match. Since you cannot interfere when a match is being simulated, In-game changes are a way to deal with such changes during a match.

Tactical Changes

Here you can change your team instructions based on the current scenario of the match. You can either make the change at a particular time, or based on the current score, or both. You can even set the change to happen when one of the teams gets a player sent off.


This can be used to withdraw a player from the pitch, and bring on another player. Or even swap positions on the pitch for two of the players currently on the pitch. Substitutions can be made either by position, specific player, or fitness and performance during a match.

You can select upto 3 substitutions in a single event. The substitutions will happen only if both the player going out and coming in are valid based on your selection and criteria.

Red Card Actions

There are situations where you would want to move a player from his original position to the gap left by a player getting sent off. Red card actions are used to deal with such cases. You can move a player into a gap, and if you wish even substitute that player with another one from your substitutes bench.

Event Triggering

You can mark all tactical changes desired during a match as Active, and disable the rest from the "Active In-Game Changes" panel on the right side of the page. Only active ones will be triggered during a match. The active events will run only ONCE during a match, when the selected event or criteria is first met. If "Any Time" was selected as the event, the event will run only after atleast 15 minutes or the first goal has been scored.

You can also decide whether a particular In-Game Change should be used for a regular match only, a custom match only or for all matches. This can be done by selecting the appropriate "Use For" option while creating them.