Season 38 Pre-Season
Game Time 2024 May 29, 23:34 UTC(+00:00)
Staff - Overview

You can recruit staff members to serve various purposes at your club. You can have upto 5 staff at your club at any given time. Good staff members are vital to the development and success of your club at higher levels. You can access the Staff page from under the Squad menu.

Hiring Staff

You can hire staff who are currently unemployed. Click on Hire New Staff button on the Staff page to view a list of all unemployed staff available. From there you can choose the desired staff and offer him a contract, this is explained further in the Contracts section.

Once a staff decides to join your club, he will serve the purpose described by the role assigned to him. Staff with better attributes produce better results, but there will be tough competition too to sign for the services of such staff.

Age and Retirement

Usually staff are in the age group of 40 to 60 yrs, and they retire after they are 60 years old. But they can also retire a few years earlier too if they decide they do not want to continue their current job. Once any staff at your club decide to retire, they will announce it at the start of the season and will be at your club for that whole season, so you have enough time to replace him with a new person.


Like players, you need to pay your staff too in each round. Staff wages are agreed upon in the contract when a team hires them, and will be added to your team's wage bill every round.