Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 10:07 UTC(+00:00)
Players - Positions

In F4Football there are 7 different positions that a player can play in. Each position requires some certain attributes to succeed which are given below. Also keep in mind that Positioning, Speed and Stamina attributes are equally important for all positions.

GK - Goalkeeper

These are goalkeepers who guards your team's goal during matches. The most important attributes for a goalkeeper are Handling and Reflexes. However you should also consider the Passing ability of a goalkeeper to distribute the ball efficiently.

CB - Centre Back

Centre Backs are defenders who are best played at the centre of your defense. They need good Tackling, Marking and Heading abilities to be able to win back the ball from opposition players.

WB - Wing Back

Wing Backs are defenders who play along the right or left wings. The perform best when deployed wide. Tackling and Marking are important for them, however Heading is not much needed for them as they deal with less high balls compared to Centre Backs. Instead they might benefit with a bit more of their Passing ability.

DM - Defensive Midfielder

These are defensive minded players who can be played in the midfield of your formation. They help your defense with stopping the opposition's attack while serving the midfield of your formation. Tackling and Marking are important for them too, but the most important attribute for a midfielder is Passing.

WM - Wide Midfielder

They are best deployed in wide positions of your midfield, and as all midfielders need good Passing ability to do well. Other important attributes for wide midfielders are Dribbling and Marking which helps them in attacking as well as closing down the opposition while not in possession of the ball.

AM - Attacking Midfielder

These are attack minded midfielders, who are better attacking with the ball. They serve as the connecting link between your defense and your attack. Passing is their most important attribute, but a bit of Dribbling and Shooting will help them succeed in their attacking attempts.

WF - Wing Forward

Wing Forwards are more adept at playing wide in your formation and attack the opponent's goal. Fowards need to score, so they must be good at Shooting. Dribbling and Passing abilities will also help them take the ball forward and create chances for your Centre Forwards.

CF - Centre Forward

Centre Forwards have only one thing in their mind - attack and score goals. They are best deployed in the centre of your attack and will require good Shooting and Heading skills to put the ball into the back of your opposition's goal. Dribbling might also help them overcome tackle attempts from the opposition defenders.