Season 38 Pre-Season
Game Time 2024 May 29, 23:28 UTC(+00:00)
Overview - Menus And Navigation

Well, there is not much need to explain how to navigate a website in this era of information technology, but let us just quickly look at the basic navigation menus in F4Football.

You can easily reach almost all of the main sections of this game through the main menu at the top, to the right of the game logo. There are drop downs for each menu which takes you to the page with the relevant functionality, for eg. you can view all the squad related functions under the Squad menu, everything to do with your club under the Club menu and so on. It is only a matter of time to understand how to navigate to a particular section or page of the game, you get more familiar with it once you start using it.

Apart from the main menu, some sections are accessed through links on some pages. Also some pages open in a different window or tab of your browser for convenience - to quickly view the desired section and then close it.

Navigation to each section of the website is further explained in detail under the relevant section of this tutorial, so you will understand more as we go further.