Season 38 Round 36 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jun 16, 19:12 UTC(+00:00)
Game Basics - Game World

The virtual game world in F4Football comprises of various countries similar to that of the real world. There are 200+ real world countries in the game's database, but only a few of them are active with clubs and competitions which the clubs in the countries take part in. Countries may be changed to active or inactive to accommodate clubs for all our users and optimize the game's resources. You can browse through the virtual game world from the Game World link under the Competition menu.

League Structure

Each active country in F4Football are split into various divisions. The top most division will have a single subdivision, and each subsequent divisions have four times as many subdivisions as the division immediately above it. To elaborate, Division 1 in each country will have one subdivision, Division 2 will have 4 subdivisions, Division 3 has 16 and so on. Each subdivision comprises of 16 clubs which play against each other in various competitions. There are promotions and relegations just like in the real world, so the division and subdivision that a club belongs to can change too with seasons. Details about the league and other competitions are explained further in the Competitions section of this tutorial.


The number of teams in each subdivision is fixed i.e; 16 teams. However some of those teams might be managed by real human managers, and the others are bot controlled. When a new user is allocated a team, he will be asked to choose a country in which he wants to play in, and will be placed in an optimal division and subdivision based on availability of unmanaged teams at that moment.

You can take control of a club by clicking on the appropriate link in your manager dashboard. You can also resign from your current club if you wish to change teams or country. However there is a 28 day cool-off period once you take charge of a club until you can resign from that club. All game functionality related to clubs will be available only if you are currently managing one.