Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 10:32 UTC(+00:00)
Players - Attributes

In F4Football, players have different types of attributes. These can be viewed from the details page for each player.

Basic Attributes

These are attributes that can be improved by training. They include Handling, Reflexes, Tackling, Heading, Marking, Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, Speed, Stamina, Positioning and Setpieces. The rating for a player is determined by these attributes.


Experience indicates how much a player knows about how to use his skills during a match. Without experience, a player is no good however high his other attributes are. Experience is gained by playing in matches, and not through training unlike the basic attributes.

Morale And Fitness

Fitness indicates how tired a player is. A low fitness for a player means he is more tired and won't be able to perform at his best during a match. Players lose fitness while they play a match, and regains fitness over time. They can also regain additional fitness if they rest during a training session.

Morale attribute shows how happy a player is. Lower morale affects a player's commitment on the pitch and he wont deliver his best in matches. Morale can be improved by winning matches the player is selected for, and can go down with losses. Players can also become unhappy if they are not selected to play matches regularly.

Hidden Attributes

Apart from the above attributes, players have some hidden attributes which affect their performance and training. Some of these attributes can be revealed by a scout (explained further in the Advanced Tutorial), but some can be determined only by carefully observing how they play during matches.