Season 39 Round 41 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 21, 10:26 UTC(+00:00)
Game Basics - Matches

The simulation of matches takes place at designated times of each round. You can see all your scheduled matches from My Matches under the Competition menu.

Match Preview

You can see a preview of all scheduled matches from the Preview links in the list of matches. All important details including player injuries, suspensions etc. can be quickly looked at from the match preview.

Match Report

Once a match is finished, you can see the detailed report of the match from the Report which can be accessed via the link on the result. Details regarding team and player performances, and the full minute by minute commentary of the match is available in the match report.

Setting Up Tactics

From Tactics link under the Squad menu, you can go to the tactics page where you can set up your line up and tactics for the next match. Make sure you update your tactics before every match to make sure your line up does not have invalid players, your selected players have good fitness, and your tactics are good enough against the next opposition. Remember - every team is different and might need different plans to beat them. More details about setting up tactics are covered in the Tactics section of the tutorial.

Home, Away And Neutral

Some matches are played at your own stadium, some at your opponent's and some are played at a neutral venue. Home matches gives you a slight advantage since your players know your stadium well. You keep all match revenue from your home matches, and neutral venue match revenues are shared equally between the two teams.